Issue 25   
The Love Issue
Summer 2018

36 page zine
Digitally printed
210mm x 280mm
Edition of 150

Love, sometimes it feels like a topic too obvious to talk about. Or too cringey. Or something for kept behind closed doors. Or something you’re not sure you’ve felt. Whether you love love or hate love, this issue wants to get emotional, maybe a bit erotic and of course a bit lovey dovey.

Emma Crcokatt, Adam Higton, Emily Powell, Jack Powell, Chloe True, Vee Mateus, Cecilia McCormick, Lauren Doherty, Maya Alvarado, Simon Cornelis, Rob Ryan, Georgia Herman, Victoria Rodrigues O’Donnell, DIY Vibes, Bradley Fletcher, Dave Rowswell, Melanie Hyams, Amelia Pemberton, Tom Biddulph, Melita Gandham, Giorgia Chiariom and Ella McLoughlin Mitchell.