Issue 26   
The Colour Issue
Spring 2019

44 page zine
Digitally printed
210mm x 270mm
Edition of 200

We see our world in glorious technicolour, it renders our moods, our wardrobes, our football teams, our skies, our political interests. Nothing is more powerful than colour, whether a plant using it to seduce an insect as its dinner or prisons using a certain shade of paint to calm down their inmates This issue digs into all things colour related.

Joseff Murphy, Gus Scott, Dad Agency, Naomi Anderson-Subryan, Adam Bletchly, Lydia Barba, Cissy Lott-Lavigna, Fred Butler, Anna Puschel, Anna Maltz, Greta Madline, Thomas Gravemaker, Victoria Rodrigues O’Donnell, Harry Grundy, Ella Mitchell, Cecilia McCormick, Gabriella Marsh, Enrica Masi, Rose Blake, Idris van Heffen, Jack Samels & Tom Biddulph